‎Windows 10: Serious security gap in the operating system revealed for the first time by the NSA‎

‎Windows 10: Serious security gap in the operating system revealed for the first time by the NSA‎
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In an ‎‎unprecedented for secret Service move‎‎, the ‎‎National Security Agency (NSA) of the U.S.‎‎ -the great overhearer- ‎‎publicly revealed that it found a serious security loophole in Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system‎‎, which could be ‎‎exploited by hackers or other malicious agents‎‎.‎

Normally you would expect-after the revelations of Edward Snowden- ‎‎the NSA‎‎ to shut down the ‎‎”backdoor”‎‎ and use it appropriately for its own benefit. After all, she has previously been ‎‎accused of having exploited several ‎‎”holes”‎‎ in Microsoft’s products to ‎‎”hack”‎‎ target computers without ever informing the company‎‎. And unfortunately later some of these cyber-spying ‎‎”tools”‎‎ fell into the hands of normal hackers.‎

Microsoft has already ‎‎rushed to widely release a ‎‎”patch”‎‎ for the problem, while earlier it had sent the security upgrade to the U.S. Army and other ‎‎”sensitive”‎‎ graded users‎‎. ‎

‎The NSA revealed the security gap during a press conference, but did not specify how long it knew about it before disclosing it to ‎‎Microsoft‎‎. The agency argued that in the past it had warned companies about similar problems, but in a discreet way.‎

The ‎‎problem‎‎ -which also ‎‎affects‎‎ ‎‎Windows Server 2016 and 2019, but not earlier versions of Windows- exists in the Windows 10 crypt32. dll program, which allows developers to access various functions, such as digital certificates used to certify software programs‎‎. Theoretically, the ‎‎security gap allows a hacker to camouflages malicious software as legitimate and reliable‎‎.‎

‎NSA cyber security director Anne Newberger said the Secret Service decided to disclose its involvement in the issue at Microsoft’s request, according to the BBC and Reuters agency‎‎. ‎

So far, according to the NSA and Microsoft, there is no evidence that any hacker has exploited the security gap‎‎ (for the NSA itself, no one can ever be sure…).‎

‎Chris Morales, chief analyst at the cyber security company Vectra, told the ‎‎”Financial Times‎‎ ‎‎” ‎

‎”It may well be that the NSA already has other methods of breaching a Windows system, so it simply did not need the new security gap.” ‎

‎Source: ANA-MNA‎

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