Upgrade of direct translation via camera from Google Translate

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Google Translate” is an application that allows us to explore unknown areas by allowing us to communicate in different languages ​​and to make contacts that would otherwise have been impossible to do.

One of the unique features of the “Google Translate” app for mobile phones is “direct camera translation” that lets you “read” the world in your own language by simply focusing the camera lens on foreign language text. It’s an “intuitive” way of understanding where you are and literally unties your hands when traveling abroad as it works even if you are not connected to Wi-Fi, or when using the Internet through the mobile network.

Now, the company launches a series of new upgrades for the service.

First of all, supported languages ​​are increased from 88 to over 100, as languages ​​such as Arabic, Hindi, Thai, and Vietnamese have been added. Additionally, while we previously could only have English translation in other languages ​​and vice versa, now you can translate from all 100+ languages ​​supported by “Google Translate”. This means that you can now translate from Arabic to French, or from Japanese to Chinese and so on.

The second major upgrade is automatic language detection. More specifically, when traveling to multi-language areas, it may be difficult to identify the language of the text you want to translate. In the new version of the app, you can simply select “Detect language” to locate that language, and then “Google Translate” automatically does the translation.

For the first time, direct camera translations incorporate “Neural Machine Translation (NMT)” technology. NMT produces more accurate and more natural translations, limiting translation errors, in some language combinations, up to over 55% -85%. In addition, you can download most languages ​​on your device so you can use this service even without your Internet device connected. At the same time, when your device is connected, this service uses the link to make higher-quality translations. The implementation of NMT in translation technology is what makes the service possible, which we have recently launched.

Finally, the service gets a new look and is more effective in its use. Now, flickering has been reduced, making the text more stable and understandable.

In this new look, the three camera functions concerning the translation are conveniently located at the bottom of the application:

  • the “instant” function,
  • the “scan” function , which scans an image, freezes it and allows the user to select with the finger the text that wants to translate,
  • as well as the “import” function, allowing users to import photos from the mobile camera to translate the text they contain.

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