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At $15 a month, Ubisoft’s “Uplay Plus” service offers subscribers the ability to play all the new company titles.

In addition to this feature, those who choose to subscribe to “Uplay Plus” will have the opportunity to view additional content, as well as extras for each title, ulike those who choose to buy a game from the store.

The new service is expected to make its official debut at the beginning of September 2019, but there is an offer for those who make their early registration until August 15th, since for them the subscription for the whole month will be completely free.

Those who make their subscription to “Uplay Plus” service will also have the chance to play the trial versions of many games that will be released later.

An interesting feature of the new pay-as-you-go platform is that one can play the games offline, since the content can be downloaded to the computer and will not require a permanent Internet connection.

In addition to PC releases, “Uplay Plus” is expected to be available through Google Stadia in 2020, Ubisoft has announced.

To attract more users, Ubisoft has announced that its new service will be offering “Premium” titles, which cost a lot of money on the market.

It has already been announced that this platform includes more than 100 popular games of the company, and many more are expected to be added immediately after the launch of the service.

In addition to the well-known titles, it will include game titles such as “Watch Dogs: Legion” and “Ghost Recon Breakpoint”, which will start as trial versions on September 5, and will be fully available from the beginning October and then.

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