Tips for the proper use of group meeting applications

Tips for the proper use of group meeting applications
© Tips for the proper use of group meeting applications

With the arrival of the new coronavirus, new conditions emerged, not only for the fulfillment of our professional obligations, but also for some very basic, family and social contacts.

“In times like these, people are mostly looking for comfortable and easy ways to keep in touch with their loved ones digitally and, rightly so, are overlooking certain issues in trying to connect in the best and easiest way possible. Everyone should make their own decisions about how much information they feel comfortable sharing on the internet. However, by asking yourself a few key questions, and having some of the following important tips in mind, you can safely connect and communicate with your loved ones.”

says David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky.

Questions to ask yourself before downloading any application:

• How does the application make money? If it’s free, you’re probably paying with your information; so, take a look at the rights to see what data they collect, store and reuse.

• Is the data encrypted by the application?

• Pay attention to social engineering tactics. How do you know that the users of the application you are connecting to are the ones who say they are? And how can you verify the information or links they send you?

• Remember that nothing is 100% safe. While you may not be as interesting target for the intruder as Jeff Bezos, we can all fall victim to hacking when using apps.

Top ten tips for using any application:

1. Carefully check privacy and security settings.

2. Use unique, complex passwords for all your online accounts.

3. Limit the information you share and can be seen by others.

4. Do not automatically trust anyone; check with the contacts that it is actually the one that was connected with you in the application.

5. Disable functions; unless you use them to enable access (e.g. microphone, camera access, etc.).

6. Don’t share too much information and don’t publish something you don’t want everyone to see.

7. Report cases of abuse.

8. Protect all your devices with a reliable online security product.

9. Install operating system and application updates as soon as they become available.

10. If it is related to work, insist on using the application recommended / provided by your company and not on your favorite group meeting application.
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