The new iPhone will incorporate an important feature

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 Now we have the opportunity to see the biggest innovation in the upcoming iPhone’s technical features, which are expected to trigger changes in competing smartphones as well.
According to the “Chinese Economic Daily News”, Apple has signed a deal with Taiwanese Elan, which manufactures and supplies styles for smart touchscreen devices. The second-generation iPhone X and iPhone X Plus are, according to the same information, about to obtain the ability to use the stylus, the “Apple Pen”. It is noteworthy that this change takes about eleven years since the late Steve Jobs described it as “ridiculous” using a stylus on a cell phone. Now, however, as Samsung plans to stop the Galaxy Note series, incorporating the stylus into the new iPhone will enable them to significantly diversify the market. The unpleasant news is that Apple is not going to incorporate the use of stylus into the also interesting and promising “iPhone 9” with “LCD screen”, according to the “Chinese EDN” publication. Of course, this is not the first time that there has been a relative rumor as to the use of the stylus on the iPhone, as Earlier in 2018 Tim Cook, the head of Apple, said:
“You can not imagine what technological miracles you can do with a stylus on your iPad or iPhone.”
Undoubtedly, the use of the stylus on the iPhone is a major innovation for the renewal of the line and the brand that he calls “iPhone”. But it’s the icing on the cake… That’s because the really significant change will be the iPhone‘s price reduction coupled with the integration of leading-edge technology features and capabilities.   Source:
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