The iPhone 11 battery will last longer

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Apple will dramatically increase battery life for iPhone 11, according to leaked information recently. Another good reason, that is, to have increased expectations of the fanatical brand followers from
Cupertino of California. It is true that today, almost all the functions of our lives pass through a smartphone’s display, the battery does not seem to last nearly ever. Something must be done at last.

The iPhone 11 Max, which is expected to be released in September, will, according to what’s been leaked, have about 20 to 25 percent more battery life than previous models, while the simple version of the iPhone 11 is about 10 to 15 percent respectively. But who is the one who gave the information to the media? Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, is the culprit. How do we know now that he is right? In recent years, several times his “predictions” have fallen in, to such an extent that it is considered a common secret that he is in some way receiving internal information.

The improved battery life of the iPhone 11 puts them in a position of direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. Of course, this might mean something we did not expect: more bulky models than the company has been accustomed to by Cupertino.

In other news, Kuo has revealed that Apple is likely to work on new charging capabilities. In simple words, it is unlikely that its new devices can also function as chargers for other company products such as, say, AirPods.

Source: Esquire UK
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