The future of Xbox comes without CDs

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The big bet for consoles is to become 100% digital. Or, at least one of the most important goals highlighted in the list of key players in the gaming industry is to eliminate CDs. A few days ago we saw Sony focusing on the digital capabilities of the highly anticipated PlayStation 5. But what the Japanese company has in its immediate planning, the Americans of Microsoft have already done it. The new day of gaming comes in the packaging of the Xbox One S All-Digital.

The new edition of the Xbox One S does not have a CD tray.

What exactly managed the video games section of Bill Gates? The new edition of the Xbox One S does not have any CD, floppy or cassette case. But it has the ability to run the games normally, costing just 223 euros, 45 euros less than its ancestor. In fact, it comes with three preloaded games (“Sea of ​​Thieves”, “Minecraft”, “Forza Horizon”) and 1 TB hard drive, while the deal is ideally suited to those who have the Xbox Game Pass, a monthly subscription that gives access to more than 100 titles; from classic Xbox games to brand new releases.

That’s all we know so far about the new console. But what remains to be seen is whether Microsoft will pursue this all-digital policy. Besides, let’s not forget that although the future wants -and requires- exclusively a digital environment, at the same time nostalgia plays a very important role with hundreds of millions of dollars being played on this market.

Certainly, however, the US company has shown over and over again that it is well aware of the opportunities it has for cross-overs with computers. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft, which has been leading a number of years in gaming innovations -such as customization made to play video games and people with a mobility problem- will put the all-digital content first on its agenda from now on.

Source: Esquire
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