Project Scarlett, Microsoft’s new powerful gaming console

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Microsoft presented, during the E3 Games show in Los Angeles, the next-generation “Xbox console“, which is currently known as “Project Scarlett” and is expected to be released in late 2020.

The new gaming machine will have four times more power than today’s “Xbox One X”, thanks to a new, much stronger AMD processor. It will display up to 120 “frames” per second (twice the average TV) and will incorporate a solid state drive (SSD) that will allow games to be “loaded” more quickly. It will also provide resolution up to 8K.

© Provided by PROTO THEMA S.A.

Together with the new console -of which has not been revealed for the moment, neither the appearance nor price- the new version of Microsoft’s popular “Halo Infinite” video game will be released. The surprise of the show was the presence of actor Keanu Reeves, who revealed that the game “Cyberpunk 2077” -which he appears- will be released in April 2020.

Microsoft also announced, according to the BBC and the Reuters agency, that the new online video game service“Project xCloud” will begin trial in October this year.

Competitor Alphabet (Google’s parent) has announced that its own game-streaming service “Stadia” -which will offer online games with a 4K resolution– will begin in November, while – according to information- a similar service in the cloud computing is prepared by Amazon.

Microsoft will enable users to stream the games directly from their own “Xbox console” instead of the company’s servers. So “Xbox One” will be converted into a personal and free “xCloud Server”.

The company also announced the acquisition of the “Double Fine Productions” video development company based in San Francisco, creator of many well-known titles (“Psychonauts”, “Brutal Legend”, “Broken Age”, etc.).

Microsoft presented at E3 about 60 video games for its console, such as “Elden Ring”, “Minecraft Dungeons”, “Blair Witch”, “The Outer Worlds” and others.

It also announced its new “Xbox Game Pass PC” subscription service at $ 9.99 a month, allowing users to download and play at least 100 games on Windows 10 PCs.

By the end of next year, Sony is expected to release the next-generation “PlayStation 5” console with similar technical specifications.
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