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Viber announced the launch of the Viber Local Number subscription service.

This new feature allows users to obtain a local phone number, so anyone outside of the Viber platform can call or send SMS messages to this number with local charges, with no roaming charges for the recipient, wherever it is.

Businesses operating in different countries can give their customers a local business contact number and communicate freely with them wherever they are in the world. Travelers can really “live like natives” using a local country number for reservations in restaurants, tours or other travel needs. They can also give the local phone number to their contacts to communicate with them easily and at no cost while they are away.

The Viber Local Number-Viber Country Number is available worldwide and initially offers the ability to have local phone numbers in the United Kingdom, and Canada, with more countries expected to be added in the near future. Via a local Viber number, users can receive unlimited incoming calls and SMS messages.

To launch this new service, Viber offers the first 10,000 new subscribers the preferential price of $1.99 / month for a lifetime. The normal service subscription will come into effect after subscriptions with a launch price are completed and will be $4.99 / month. Subscription can be canceled every month at no cost.

 Users can activate their local Viber number by going to the “More” menu of the application.

“The new Viber Local Number service is another tool available to our users and makes Viber the most powerful communications application”,

says Viber CEO Djamel Agaoua.

“We are excited to offer people new ways to stay connected to the contacts that are important to them. From immigrants who need a local phone number to communicate with their home owners, to business owners with international activity who want direct contact with their customers abroad, this new feature ensures a local presence no matter where they are.”

The local Viber number is available in the Viber app on both iOS and Android devices.

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