Internet Explorer gains status as a configuration of the new Edge Browser

© Internet Explorer acquires status as a configuration of the new Edge Browser

During the annual Build 2019 developer conference, Microsoft introduced the updated Edge Browser, which now acquires the Internet Explorer configuration. Edge is now based on Chromium and one of the new features it brings is Internet Explorer Mode, which helps users access applications and servers that require the use of the previously used universal web browser.

It is objectively anachronistic to ask for an information system or web tool to use Internet Explorer, but this happens more often than you would want. Thus, the need to access using the browser that stopped being supported from 2005 and beyond remains one of the main reasons that we see it coming back as a configuration of the Edge browser.

On the other hand, the fact that business users will now have the opportunity to use a modern, more secure browser to access information systems and applications that until now was only compatible with Internet Explorer is welcome and much more reasonable.

The Internet Explorer mode is very simple in its operation, since it only asks the user to open a new tab and choose the configuration from there. Some of the other interesting features of the refreshed Edge browser are “Collections”, which allows the user to easily collect and organize content he finds on the Internet.

Improved will be all the security features of the new version of the browser, and Microsoft has released a preview of how it will be the Edge browser in its version for macOS, which is expected to be available soon to Apple system users.
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