In early July available to all; Google’s dynamic emails

© In early July, Google’s dynamic emails are available to all

Google’s “dynamic emails” allow you to interact with the content of a message, directly from “inbox”.

From July 2 onwards, anyone using Google’s email service, known as “Gmail”, will be able to interact with the content of a message without having to leave the “inbox” environment. This will make it possible to respond to event invitations, fill out emails or respond to comments without having to leave the main screen.

This feature has been available in trial form to date, but since the beginning of July, it will be available to all Gmail users on a daily basis. It is particularly useful to use this feature of “dynamic emails” for those who use the “Google Docs” platform, since it can provide an interface with the familiar interface environment of the incoming message home page.

The logic behind Google’s “dynamic emails” is to make things faster with the least possible “clicks“, without the “Gmail” user having to open one application after another to complete a task.

“Dynamic emails” are designed so they can work with all browsers without any problems. The message should have the appropriate code behind it so that all the dynamic elements that “Gmail” brings can be used, but Google promises full compatibility with all programs. Several sites have already begun to create content for “Dynamic emails”.

If someone wants to turn off “Dynamic emails”, they can do so through the “Gmail” homepage, while Google has made it clear that this feature will also be available on mobile.
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