Google Pixel 4 will unlock with face recognition

© Google Pixel 4 will unlock with face recognition

“Google Pixel 4” is expected to make its official appearance this coming October with some very interesting features.
One of the features that the “Google Pixel 4” will have in its technological infrastructure -that the company has already mentioned through its teaser releases- is the ability of its owner’s face recognition in a similar way with the one that works with the “iPhone Face ID”. The information released so far speaks for more reliable operation than the Apple system, since it will not be necessary the user to hold the phone directly in front of his face.
Google promises a much more sophisticated technology system that will be able to recognize the face of the phone holder as it grips it from the table, instantly and quickly. This is considered to be an evolution of their respective systems in relation to what we are used to seeing so far.
To make the “Pixel 4” system work in this way, Google leverages technology developed under “Project Soli”, an in-house project that has been developed in parallel and utilizes a dedicated radar technology to better detect particular characteristics of each face.

 Google emphasizes the fact that all system operation is done instantly and in the fastest way, even if the “Pixel 4” holder keeps it with the screen down. This is expected to be one of the most publicized features of the upcoming “Pixel 4”, in relation to the competition, especially against “iPhone” implementations.

It remains to be seen what will be included in the standard equipment of the new “Google Pixel 4”, which will be released in October.
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