Facebook trains a new chatbot via Reddit

Facebook trains a new chatbot via Reddit
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new way of interacting with users explores Facebook, creating a new chatbot.

This digital interlocutor should present as many human characteristics as possible in the way it interacts with users, so appropriate preparation and training of Artificial Intelligence is required. To that end, Facebook has recruited Reddit, according to the BBC, and in particular has put Artificial Intelligence to read more than 1.5 billion posts there.

The ultimate goal is for the digital interlocutor to be able to respond like a person, demonstrating knowledge, understanding and elements of a distinct personality. It is not easy to achieve this goal for an AI tool, but the only way to do this is to have proper training through a field of genuine human interaction, such as Reddit.

Facebook, however, considers that there are several objective difficulties in training this chatbot, since the result is not always as expected.

Here comes the sharp language, or aggressive expressions that people often use in communication with each other and -as a result- give bad examples to trainee AI.

Another risk is that of misinformation in which a chatbot can also participate, mimicking human behaviors on the Internet.

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The chatbot is named “Blender” and has already been a field of study for AI experts, who compare it to the chatbot “Meena” developed by Google.

In the comparative study of the two chatbots, the interlocutors expressed the belief that it was Facebook’s digital entity that presented the most human characteristics.

It is believed that this is the first time a chatbot has brought together such a wealth of communication talents that they put AI in the background and bring to the surface almost human chat skills.

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