Facebook: How to find out if you are a victim of the Cambridge Analytica scandal

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With a message, Facebook users will be able to see if they are among the 87 million social networking users who were victims of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

From today, Facebook will begin to send notifications to its users’ profiles that have been affected by the scandal.

The technology giant also said that at the top of each user’s news feed a link will be posted, allowing each to see which apps are linked to their Facebook account, and what information is accessed in these apps.

Through the link that will be posted to their profiles, users will now be able to delete apps, preventing them from gathering more information about them.

“We will let our users know if their data was “misapplied” to Cambridge Analytica”,

says a Facebook announcement.

In the aftermath of the scandal Facebook founder Mark Zackerberg has decided to present himself to the parliament in Washington and to make a series of long-awaited hearings.

After apologizing and pledging, on Friday announced measures to combat Facebook manipulation, in an effort to limit the social networking damage from the Cambridge Analytica scandal.


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