Elon Musk: The innovative product that will connect the brain to the computer

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Elon Musk may have talked at times about the plans to construct a car battery that can supply the entire house and cheap trips to Mars, but is also a leader in technological innovation.

So now that science evolves to such a degree, even our most incredible fantasies could become reality.

One of them seems to be the reality of the successful entrepreneur and visionary Elon Musk, as he prepares to create an innovative product where the human brain can be joined to the computer.

Elon Musk created two years ago a company named “Neuralink Corp”, with the object of developing the technology by which computers can be linked to human brains.

“Neuralink” deals with the technology called “neural lace”, which deals with implanting tiny electrodes in the brain which eventually may be able to “upload” and “download” thoughts.

This technology can also be used to improve memory or to “empower” people with additional, artificial intelligence.

“I think we will have something interesting to announce in a few months, it will be better than what someone thinks possible. The best scenario that may arise from artificial intelligence”,

says the innovative CEO of “Tesla” and “SpaceX”.

“This product will allow anyone who wants to have superhuman knowledge. Whoever wants. How smart are you when you have a phone or a computer and how much when you do not have it? You are much smarter when you have, in fact”,

he adds.

“With this product you will be able to answer any question if they do. You will be able to remember everything. Your phone perfectly “remembers” your videos and photos. Your phone is an extension of yourself. You are already a Cyborg- an automated artificial organism”,

says Musk.

“Most people do not realize it is Cyborg. Just the pace of data is slow, too slow, this innovation will make you faster”,

ends up.

We may not know if this venture will succeed, but one is the only sure thing:

Whenever the multi-player CEO of the US electric car maker “Tesla Motors” and “SpaceX” envisions, humanity takes a small step forward.


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