Coming soon the first “smart” contact lenses…

Coming soon, the first "smart" contact lenses...
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new Startup from Silicon Valley attempts to create the “world’s first smart contact lenses”, placing a screen right in front of our eyes!

The company, called Mojo Vision, unveiled an early version of its product at CES 2020, and has now begun talking about its development.

Mojo’s technology is integrated into a lens, which has a “bulbous” section that “sits” just above the surface of the eye. The lens has a 14,000 ppi display (by comparison, the iPhone 11 has a 326 ppi display) as well as an image sensor, radio and motion sensor to help stabilize images.

What Mojo Vision is essentially trying to do is help people with low vision see better by presenting them with “enhanced” images of the world, “sharpening” some details or zooming in on others. At the same time, the company wants to place all the data one needs (with low vision or without) in front of their eyes.

Why pick up the phone to see why it rang, when you can look at the edge of your eye and see in a split of a second? That’s the logic behind the product and it sounds very distant, because it really is. The product is still under construction and needs a lot of research to get our hands on it.

In addition, the company must first obtain approval from the Food and Drug Administration in order to make its smart lenses available to consumers, especially for medical use.

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