Your attention; your boss can read your emails

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‎If you work ‎‎in a company that uses the paid version of Google’s G Suite and the products it provides‎‎, such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, etc., you should be very careful.‎

‎This is because ‎‎the company has full access to everything you do on these platforms‎‎, including ‎‎even your draft emails‎‎(!). At least, this ‎‎claims the former employee at Google, Martin Shelton, in his lengthy blog post‎‎, in which he analyzes all the ways the company can manage your data.

‎According to Martin, ‎‎Google itself can access all your files and deliver them to the government if they are requested and‎‎, ‎‎depending on the version of the G Suite used by each company, your managers can monitor your actions within the tool‎‎.‎

‎According to the ‎‎terms of use of G Suite‎‎ (which you have not read them of course) after all: ‎

‎”The administrator has access to all files stored in your account, mail included”, ‎

‎while he may know all of the files you have opened, but ‎‎Martin Shelton’s information about your draft is something so far unknown‎‎ and something that should make you extra cautious in how you use a corporate platform.‎

‎They’re watching us.‎

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