‎What 2020 will bring and what not on developments in 5G‎

‎© naftemporiki.gr What will bring and what not 2020 on developments in 5G‎

Market research firm ABI Research predicts what the new year will bring and what will not happen during 2020 on the 5th generation networks.

2020 has been marked as the year that 5G will become a commonplace, with several new models coming out and supporting it. Sales of 5G devices, according to forecasts by ABI Research, are expected to exceed 10 million units by 2021.

Company analysts note that within the new year, the market for laptops that can be connected to 5G networks should be expected to flourish and be always on-line, i.e. a permanent online connection.

‎It will not only be the‎‎ 5G smartphones that will flood the market,‎‎ but the ‎‎respective super portable computers. New models are already expected ‎‎from highly popular manufacturers, such as Dell, Apple, Samsung, Huawei and LG, while ‎‎HP and Lenovo‎‎ could not be missing from this category.

However, the main device driver that will provide 5G connectivity will be the smartphone and it should be taken for granted that all manufacturers will definitely enrich their range with similar suggestions.

ABI Research notes in its forecasts what is not going to happen during 2020. So one should not expect to see the 5G Wearables launch in the new year, as the corresponding chipsets that could support new connectivity to hand-worn devices have not yet been announced. The hardware cannot yet be combined with the limited space these devices offer inside.

The most optimistic forecasts for the first 5G Wearables launch date are for early 2024.

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