Video: This robot has the most expressive and realistic eyes you’ve seen in… robots!

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The eyes always tell the truth and by looking at someone in the eyes you can understand a lot about his personality and his psychology, or so it is called more or less. At the same time, their eyes and movements are one of the most difficult obstacles in Robotics and 3D animations, precisely because each move can represent a different expression.

We’ve seen a lot of humanoid robots in the past trying to achieve as much faith as possible in facial expressions, such as Sophia. However, if you notice the eyes and eyebrows you will immediately understand that something is wrong.

That is why SEER (Simulative Emotional Expression Robot) is especially important for Robotics and impressive for us observers,  is also incredibly expressive as you will see in the video below. The key to the SEER is in the eyebrows, and it turns out that the creators of humanoid robots will have to pay much more attention to them if we just want to touch a bit on Westworld’s terribly distant scenario.



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