Viber: The self-destructive messages came

Viber: The self-destructive messages came
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The long-awaited “self-destructive messages”, which are now available in all personal conversations, were also put into operation in the Greek Viber.

Until now it has been a function found in secret conversations, but now all users will be able to set a timer for seconds, minutes, hours or even days when they send some text, photo, video or any other type of file.

The countdown to the deletion of the content starts automatically from the moment the recipient sees the sent message.

To send a self-destructive message, the user must:

  • Tap the “clock” icon at the bottom of the conversation, and select the time until the message is deleted.
  • Type and send the message to the recipient.

Viber has demonstrated its commitment to protecting privacy in its history so far. In a series of innovations in messaging apps, Viber first unveiled the “delete message” option in 2015, bringing “end-to-end” encryption in 2016 to every conversation and “hidden and secret conversations” in 2017.

Now, as part of the same commitment, it also announces “self-destructive messages” in all conversations.

The new feature also contains a “sender notification” if a “screenshot” is received by the recipient.
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