Viber: New anti-spamming tools within the platform

Viber: New anti-spamming tools within the platform

Viber will now enable users to automatically filter messages and decide who to add them to groups, among a few other features that guarantee their privacy.

In more detail, Rakuten Viber presents various tools that fight spamming and guarantee privacy, as well as an option to search other users by name. The new search feature will be protected by special privacy measures, in line with Viber’s commitment to ensuring the privacy of its users.

As our world changes and messaging apps play an increasingly important role in communication, users are constantly looking for new ways to expand their circle and network. But at the same time, users today are bombarded with more information than ever before and avoiding “spamming” and “useless content” is important. The challenge is not to find new contacts online, but to do it in a safe way. With the new privacy tools, Viber provides the solution.

Viber will allow its users to control who adds them to “Communities” and “Group Chats” by choosing between “all” or their “saved contacts” only.

To set this option, you simply need to press:

More > Settings > Privacy > Groups > Decide who can add you to groups.

Also, invitations to new “Communities” and “Group Chats” from unknown senders on Viber will go directly to the new “Message Requests” mailbox, so that the main chat list of users remains neat and clear of unwanted requests.

The new search feature on Viber will give users more opportunities to expand their network of contacts while maintaining their privacy.

When someone searches for a user by name in the Viber search box, it will appear in the results along with the user’s profile photo.

In the spirit of Viber that wants to ensure user privacy, any conversation that starts with a search will be subject to additional protection measures, such as the following:

  • Each user’s phone remains hidden until the user shares it.
  • The “Connected” status is hidden.
  • Calls, audio or video, are not allowed.

Users who do not wish to allow others to find them through search, can simply click on:

More > Settings > Privacy > Allow users to find you by name.

The “User Search” in Viber, as well as the “Message Requests” mailbox, will first be tested in selected countries before being unlocked around the world.
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