Viber introduces ways to make the new school year more fun

Viber introduces ways to make the new school year more fun

The Viber messaging app added features, such as “quizzes”, “media collection”, “reactions”, and “reminders” to “My Notes” (coming soon) to make the learning process easier.

More specifically, Rakuten Viber has presented various improvements that will support teachers, parents and students in the new school year.

The Japanese-interest communication platform launches a “quiz” function in the polls, both for “group chats” and for “communities”, enabling teachers to easily check the level of understanding of a subject from the classroom. 

To create a “quiz”, the user simply needs to:

– Choose a “community” or “group chat” and tap the “voting icon” at the bottom of the screen. 

– In the window that appears, select the “quiz” function and add a question, possible answers and -if necessary- a small explanation of which answer is correct. 

Choose which is the right answer and press “create”.  

When the “quiz” uploaded in the community or group chat, each user can see what the rest of them voted for; but, only after he or she has taken part in the vote, will he be able to see what the correct answer is, along with a brief explanation. What each individual answered in a community will remain hidden, even from the creator of the “quiz”. However, in group conversations, the creator of the “quiz” will be able to see who voted for each possible answer.

This feature is useful for anyone who wants to check the knowledge, or opinion of members of a community, or simply create fun “quizzes” on various topics. 

At the same time, in the last two months Rakuten Viber has presented other functions that will be useful and fun to both teachers, students and parents.

At the top of the list is the “media gallery” and a “reminder” feature that comes soon for “My Notes”, which will help users not forget important dates, tasks, and appointments.

For those who want to make their class or community with other parents more fun, there are the creation of “GIFs” and “stickers”, but also the “emoji” reactions.

Finally, short messages with audio, or video have always been a good idea for anyone looking for a way to make communication more personal, especially when on the road. 

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