US scientists: That’s how aliens will bring ‘Apokalypse’ to Earth!

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Extraterrestrials can bring the end of the world without even having to visit our planet, reveals a new survey of a group of scientists from Hawaii.

According to the study, all that extraterrestrials need to do if they want to destroy mankind is to send an e-mail to Earth with advanced malware. This extraterrestrial artificial intelligence will be able to travel to the world through the Internet and “shut down” the central power plants and power systems on the planet.

The study, “Interstellar Communication IX: Unfeasible in clearing “infected” messages”, explains how a message sent from space may require the use of multiple computers to appear, analyze, and understand.

“Such a message is impossible to ever be sure of being completely “cleaned” by potential viruses, so the technical dangers that remain can be an existential threat”,

say the two researchers from Germany’s Sonneberg Observatory and the University of Hawaii, warning that a virus hidden in the message could hurt technology in the Earth.

In order to protect as much as possible from this risk, scientists recommend that citizens be very careful about the content of the messages they send and receive.

“As you can see, some types of emails are potentially dangerous, and we are therefore called upon to adapt to more “peaceful” broadcasts. We certainly should not pass codes. Instead, texts, pictures, music files, etc. in simple form are adequate measures. Generally, we need to avoid messages that need an advanced computer to decrypt”,

the researchers write.

“In general, we estimate that the risk is very small but not negligible, and the potential benefit (to take care of the messages we send and receive) is very large”,

they end up.



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