Unlock with fingerprint on OneDrive for Android

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“OneDrive” for Android now acquires the possibility of unlocking using the “fingerprint” with the last update of the application. The extra level of protection that “Android” users get is added to the use of the “PIN” that existed as an option so far, but it was considered an easy way to bypass. Smartphones and tablets that have as standard equipment a “fingerprint” sensor and run an Android operating system, will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to have more protected the use of the Microsoft OneDrive account. Gradually OneDrive” on Android is getting more and more sophisticated features, like Files Restore, which allows you to restore your account and saved files to a previous status if anything happens to your account. According to SlashGearMicrosoft continues to invest heavily in its cloud services, such as Office 365. The ever-increasing use of “cloud” services on the Internet raises the need for greater user data protection at particular levels, such as the use of fingerprint recognition technology for entering OneDrive through the mobile application.   Source: www.pestaola.gr
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