‎This is the first item ever sold online‎

‎This is the first item ever sold online‎
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Today on the Internet each of us can do everything. To see movies, play games, chat with acquaintances or strangers, as well as to make purchases easily, quickly and safely.

‎This did not happen naturally with the same ease a few years ago.‎

‎Speaking of online shopping, really, have you ever wondered what was the first item ever sold on the internet? That’s what Business Insider looked for‎, considering that ‎‎a Pizza Hut tweet in September 2013 was inaccurate.‎

FACT: the first-ever online purchase was a Pizza Hut pizza in 1994. #90skids http://t.co/oSbHu2qH0J pic.twitter.com/VFl3LFzoht

— Pizza Hut (@pizzahut) September 9, 2013

According to a ‎‎video prepared by the Shopify team and reposted in BI‎‎, the first item sold online was not pizza. In fact, perhaps the ‎‎first transaction was made in 1971-72 between students at the University of Stanford and those of MIT and the ‎‎’item’‎‎ was marijuana‎‎. However, we are talking about an illegal and, of course, non-formal purchase.‎

The ‎‎first official secure online transaction‎‎, which looked quite similar to what we do today, ‎‎was on August 11, 1994, when a user bought the Sting’s ‎‎’Ten Summoner’s Tales’ ‎‎CD online‎‎, paving the way for millions of online purchases.‎

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