The robotic dog came on the market; its cost and features

The robotic dog came on the market; its cost and features
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After 28 years of research and development, “Boston Dynamics” is putting its first robotic dog on the market.

The $74,500 price tag may sound “sharp”, but anyone who has this money can easily obtain it through a simple online store order.

This robot model is named “Spot”, several references have already been made to it, as it is considered a very sophisticated proposition, capable of interacting in real time with humans, often with impressive results.

One of the main advantages of this robot is the fact that it can comfortably explore unknown terrains, while the manufacturer estimates that it is a robotic dog intended for industrial use, primarily.

This robot weighs just 34 kg and is available in bright yellow.

It is available with a 605 Wh battery, which gives it 90 minutes of autonomy.

It can walk comfortably in the rain, as it is IP54 certified, and has wireless and wired Internet connectivity, moves at a speed of 1.6 m/s and does not face any problems in moving uphill and downhill with a gradient of up to 30 degrees.

It is worth noting here that “Spot” has the ability to carry cargo of up to 13 kg, which can be found useful in missions and military use.

There are several ways to handle “Spot”; with a controller that looks like an “Xbox” controller, or from within the mobile screen.

The robot is equipped with many cameras so that it can easily find its way and move naturally on all surfaces.

Its four legs carry special technology to be able to absorb vibrations from this movement, a system that “Boston Dynamics” has created with enough study.

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