The PlayStation 5’s console is beyond imagination

The PlayStation 5's console is beyond imagination
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Microsoft and Sony have engaged in a tough race over who will first cut the thread of most sales in Christmas 2020. The two giants are gearing up for their new consoles, having invested hundreds of millions, work hours and hopes in them, while -at the same time- they are quite sparing in the information they share with the media. But if what the PlayStation 5 production team is preparing becomes a reality on the controller of the long-awaited game machine, then it is very likely that the gaming will change page.

How would you like a game-pad that can “read” the tension you feel from the sweat of your hands? Yes, it certainly sounds like a science fiction story-line and more specifically brings to mind the third season of the Black Mirror episode named “Play-test”, but all indicate that it may be true a while from now.

Sony PlayStation 5's Controller
© Provided by Esquire Sony PlayStation 5’s Controller

What exactly happened now and has created a pleasant upheaval in the gaming community circles? A few days ago, the US Patent Office approved a patent filed by Sony regarding the new PlayStation 5 controller. The general idea behind this seems to be the Japanese company’s attempt to make video games still more interactive. Interactive fun and entertainment, in other words, seems to be the main issue.

So considering that adding other accessories to the gaming experience (such as gloves or special headsets) would be a risk since it is not necessary that all gamers would be willing to waste more money on the generally not-so-“economic” hobby, it seems that they decided to put all the effort on the game-pad of the new console.

What can it do about it besides the existing vibration system? The central idea of the patent is to place special sensors on the controller, who will record electrodermal activity; or, more simply, be able to sense the intensity levels of the gamer. So how would you like your “enemies” to first-person shooters to feel your fear and make sure they send reinforcements at the most critical moment?

PlayStation 5 might make your worst fears come true.That is, something you’re asking for in a really good video game.

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