‎The new feature of WhatsApp fixes an important error

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Who has not accidentally sent a photo to a wrong recipient via “WhatsApp”? Unfortunately, this is one of the most common mistakes in chat communication and can of course cause from awkward moments to lawsuits. Technicians and managers of “WhatsApp”, however, have an idea of ​​how this can be corrected.

According to “WaBetaInfo”, the new feature will come to help any user who is making this mistake. According to the information, there will be a thumbnail of the image as well as a final question to the user in order for the content to be sent to the correct recipient.

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Through this feature it will become clear -at the very moment of the dispatch- what is to be sent and to whom, so if the recipient is wrongly selected, there will be a possibility of correcting or suspending the dispatch.

Of course, even in this case, there is the possibility of sending content to someone you must not, but for that to happen, the latest security feature that “WhatsApp” now provides will be completely ignored.

This application functionality can also be used for video or GIFs and generally for anything that contains visual material.

Source: Esquire IT
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