The dominant trends in the field of Virtual Reality in 2020

The dominant trends in the field of Virtual Reality in 2020
© The dominant trends in the field of Virtual Reality in 2020

Global Data certifies the upward trajectory of the Virtual Reality field, both in terms of hardware and software.

AI seems to be coming to work in conjunction with Virtual Reality trends, creating more and more interesting perspectives. One area where developments are expected is that of creating helmet processors and other objects that one can use in a Virtual Reality environment. Intel, ARM and Qualcomm are estimated to have a strong presence in this area.

Enriching an immersion environment is related to the growing presence of AI, with Facebook and LG having already presented corresponding proposals that enhance virtual experience in conjunction with better content presentationBaidu and Tencent from China aspire to integrate AI and Virtual Reality features into mobile and video games apps.

The VR application field is an element that seems to attract user interest, as shown by Steam data and other sources. The voice is a factor that is expected to be added to VR apps, since Facebook has already announced that it will integrate a new digital assistant capable of accepting voice commands across all Oculus devices.

On the growth track, it is also expected to be the field of cloud services associated with Virtual Reality, as the data generated by the field of Virtual Reality is growing, indicating the need for specialized services.

Adding to this is the upcoming 5G upgrade, which is an element that will provide additional connectivity to VR. One issue that needs to be addressed here is that of the 5G time delay over VR needs.

However, most experts agree that the next day of Virtual Reality will offer enough independence to each user’s movements, with devices that should not be connected to cables; thus significantly limiting the flexibility of movement.

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