‎The cyber security challenges that will come in 2020‎

© naftemporiki.gr ‎The cyber security challenges that will come in 2020‎

The new coming year is expected to ‎‎increase the challenges the cyber security officer is facing every day in a business and elsewhere‎‎. ‎

‎It is ‎‎mathematical certainty that the dangers on the internet will continue to grow, often exponentially‎‎, as experience has shown so far. ‎

In the ‎‎coming years‎‎, ‎‎experts agree‎‎ that ‎‎new threats are expected‎‎, the response to them ‎‎is‎‎ estimated ‎‎to require entirely new skills or methods‎‎. Another point that experts stress is that ‎‎new threats‎‎ may ‎‎have a greater economic impact on businesses‎‎, as it turns out that their consequences may be costly. ‎

‎A ‎‎scam‎‎ that tends to become ‎‎commonplace in cyberspace‎‎ is the so-‎‎called deepfakes; i.e. the ‎‎use of false news and other fabricated posts‎‎, even with the ‎‎use of montage, or artificial intelligence‎‎, to ‎‎convince everyone that a celebrity chooses a particular service‎‎. We have recently seen such scams appearing in Greece through social networks, regarding the enrichment of famous presenters, actors and other people with the use of cryptocurrencies. ‎

Experts warn of the rise of 5G‎‎, which they regard as a ‎‎pretext for creating new threats from malicious interests‎‎. ‎

They also see an increase in the ‎‎complexity of the ransomware; the ‎‎software that can take control of a computer for the purpose of ransom by its owner‎‎, in order to be able to put it back in operation. At the ‎‎business level‎‎, ‎‎ransomware‎‎ is not precluded from ‎‎intercepting sensitive data‎‎ that a company does not want to be known to third parties. ‎

One of the outlets‎‎ that experts see is the ‎‎ ‎‎”training”‎‎ of algorithms‎‎, so that they can ‎‎recognize the false element in an Internet posting, or ‎‎early warning of the dangers that can be hidden in various parts of the Internet‎‎. ‎

‎Of course, the ‎‎human factor will always be the most crucial element‎‎. ‎

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