The 10 unknown functions of Google Maps; How to activate them

The 10 unknown functions of Google Maps; How to activate them
Google Maps
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Google maps have entered our lives for good and are literally in our hand, and these are their most useful functions.

Whenever you start a route, there’s a good chance you’ll instinctively turn to Google Maps to guide you, as there’s no more comprehensive and up-to-date app of its kind.

But even if you use it on a daily basis, there’s a good chance you haven’t made the most of some of its most useful features and functions.

Google maps

Google Maps has a lot of useful features and maybe it’s time to get to know them. For this reason, we list 10 features of Google maps that you did not know existed and may be useful to you:

1. Check your navigation settings

Quite a few people are stuck or lagging because an important setting in navigation was changed. For example, you may have asked Google maps to avoid toll roads and forgot to take it off. On your next trip, Google Navigator will remember the setting and potentially guide you through dangerous roads or a longer route.

Navigation settings check

Before starting your route, press the “profile” icon on the maps and go to “settings > navigation”. In the “route options” area, make sure you have selected the correct ones. You certainly don’t want to avoid freeways or tolls in most cases, so it’s best to check these settings periodically.

2. Anonymous browsing

Anonymous browsing

Google Maps defaults to logging your searches and location data unless you ask not to. Using the “incognito” mode is a quick way to stop some of the application’s data logging. Tap the “profile” icon and select “enable incognito mode”.

3. Stop History

Stop History keeping

If you want to prevent Google Maps from keeping a tab on your location history, then you need to tap on the “profile” icon and then tap on “your maps data”. Under “location history”, tap “disable”.

4. Download maps for offline use

While most of us live in places with a good internet connection, some routes may lead to remote places with poor signal. If you are planning such a trip, be sure to download the maps for offline use.

Maps for offline use

To download the maps, tap on your “profile” icon and then select “offline maps”. Then press “set your own map” and you will see the map of the place where you are in miniature. All you need to do is move the “blue rectangle” to the area you intend to visit and press “download”.

5. Planning routes with multiple stops

Since you’re traveling with Google Maps, you should try adding some scheduled stops along the way. Usually, Google Maps shows the fastest possible route between two locations, but if you plan to visit a few other points along the way, adding them to the route will help you get a more realistic arrival time.

Routes with multiple stops

To do so, open Google Maps and first plan the route. Once you’ve done that, tap the “three dots” icon on the top right and select “add stop”. This will allow you to add an additional location, and you can drag the “three horizontal lines” icon next to each stop to move it before or after your final destination.

6. Reminder to leave

Reminder to leave

Google maps can send you a notification about what time you need to leave to get to your destination on time. Enter the place you’re leaving from and the place you’re going to, then tap the “three dots” icon on the top right and select “set departure reminder”. You can choose when you want to leave in the “departure” menu and press “end”. The maps will then send you a notification at the time you choose.

7. Change the “vehicle” icon

Vehicle icon changing

While traveling you can quickly add a nice little feature to Google Maps. The default vehicle icon is a blue arrow but if you click on it, you will see other vehicle icons available. Pick what you like and you’re good to go.

8. Adjust your public transport options

Adjust your public transport options

When you enter a destination in Google Maps, you’ll also see a tiny train icon below it. By pressing this, you will be able to check public transport times and available routes. In many cases it is quite accurate in the times it gives.

9. Share your location in real time

Google Maps also allows you to share your location with other app users in real time. This might sound a little creepy, but it can also be a useful security feature. If you feel insecure, you can allow close friends or family members to monitor your location for a period of time. This feature is also useful when you go to a friend’s house and they want to see how far you are.

Location sharing in real time

To use this feature, tap the “profile” icon on Google Maps and tap “share location”. When you want to start sharing, tap “for 1 hour” to adjust how long you want to share your location.

10. Information about local businesses

Local businesses info

If you’re not sure if a local business has the amenities you need, you can search for it on Google Maps, swipe right under the business name, then tap “info.”



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