TeamViewer integrates EloView for better remote control

TeamViewer integrates EloView for better remote control
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TeamViewer, the leading provider of remote interface solutions, announced the new partnership with “Elo”, the leading global provider of interactive solutions, and the “EloView SaaS” platform for device management, allowing users to remotely control digital signals, POS and “Elo”-based self-service devices.

TeamViewer adds one-to-one power devices to troubleshoot “EloView” content and device management for thousands of devices.

“EloView” users can remotely develop and manage the entire network of Android-supported “Elo” devices; for one to thousands of devices at a time.

From content development and configuration management to operating system maintenance, technical staff can leverage “EloView” to increase uptime and security.

With this integration, TeamViewer adds the remote device troubleshooting feature, including the ability of changes during a live session at the device level; all without disconnecting from the “EloView” platform.

This gives remote technicians visibility to understand what’s happening to a particular device and the ability to fix it without requiring an on-site presence.

TeamViewer also provides chat (for monitored devices), device diagnostics and “push/pull” settings for WiFi settings.

“The pandemic has highlighted how critical remote device access is to protect individuals and limit exposure from interactions between individuals,”

said Frank Lung, senior product manager of “Elo”products.

“For “Elo” customers who want to reopen quickly and safely, integration with TeamViewer adds a powerful support mechanism as they strive to develop technology that minimizes the required number of manual and on-site support.”

The benefits of this integration to existing TeamViewer customers include:

  • Easily adjust and enable remote control functionality on devices with “Elo” recording
  • Remote-access to any registered “Elo” device with one click directly from “EloView”
  • Troubleshoot technical problems by reducing the need for on-site technicians

“Elo” is an important integration partner for TeamViewer, with organizations around the world using the modular platform of “Elo” to enable interactive solutions in retail stores, restaurants, museums and other high-traffic venues,”

says Constantin Falcoianu, TeamViewer’s business development director.

“Common customers will be able to easily start integration and start enjoying the benefits of remote access and control of all devices they manage, in any location.”

With this integration, remote management in “EloView” acts as a catalyst for opening a TeamViewer session; simplifying the process, saving time, and reducing the need for on-site support.

To enable this integration, customers log on to TeamViewer through the “EloView” portal and select the groups of devices they want to access remotely.

“EloView” will automatically deploy and initialize the TeamViewer agent on the selected devices.

The remote control option appears on the “Settings” page of the “EloView” device.

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