TeamViewer: Extends remote control to all Android devices

TeamViewer: Extends remote control to all Android devices

“TeamViewer”, a provider of remote interface solutions, has announced that it now offers remote access with active control and keyboard input for the “Google Pixel series”, “Xiaomi smartphones” and “Oppo” devices.

This applies to both private users and business customers.

All “smartphones” with “Android” software, version 7 or later can be supported by “TeamViewer”, regardless of whether the user needs help installing an app or correcting serious errors.

Until now, keyboard support has not been available for all “smartphones”. However, now the full range of software “TeamViewer” is available when connecting to “smartphone”.

Active access remains optional for new device additions, as the well-known “QuickSupport” application continues to allow screen sharing without active sign-in. Full access is provided only after “Universal Add-On” is installed.

The “TeamViewer QuickSupport” app for “Android” has been downloaded over 10 million times and supports users worldwide, solving big and small problems with their “smartphones”.

“It is very important that the professional customers of the company have the freedom to choose any device they want and know that they also have the support of “TeamViewer””,

emphasizes Mike Eissele, CTO of “TeamViewer”.

“But even to our private customers, because there is a wide variety of “smartphones”,we should support all devices and not just the most expensive or the most well-known. Everyone should be able to help their friends, parents or grandparents regardless of what brand “Android smartphone” uses.”

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