Successful teleportation of information between chips for the first time

‎© Successful teleporting of information between chips for the first time‎

‎Scientists from the University of Bristol‎‎ in collaboration with ‎‎colleagues from the Polytechnic of Denmark‎‎ managed for the first time to carry out ‎‎quantum teleportation of information between two electronic chips.‎‎ ‎

This development is considered to be of great importance, since ‎‎it was possible to transfer information from one computer to another, without the two devices being wired or otherwise wirelessly connected.

According to experts‎‎, this can be seen as ‎‎a first step towards the widespread use of quantum computing‎‎, or as ‎‎an element‎‎ that could be the ‎‎beginning of the quantum Internet‎‎, as it is called. ‎

Two quantum particles create a compound between them, allowing them to communicate with each other even if they are separated by a very long distance‎‎. Widespread use of this technology could even be applied to space applications‎‎ with the ‎‎remote communication of a vessel that travels to other planets and Earth.‎

Supposedly, there are no restrictions on the distances separating the two quantum computers that communicate with each other‎‎, but this still belongs to the theoretical sphere. ‎‎Experimentally, scientists have demonstrated that quantum communication between two circuits is possible.‎‎ ‎

The ‎‎theory has so far been that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light‎‎, but ‎‎quantum teleportation is coming to overturn this data.‎‎ ‎‎Changes in a photon on one device appeared almost simultaneously in the photon with which it was ‎‎”connected”‎‎, which is an extremely interesting finding. ‎

‎Research has already been published‎‎ and it is estimated to be one of the most important findings that could ‎‎affect a not insignificant number of disciplines beyond physics or computing.‎

Teleporting of information had been done in the past and even at various distances, but the ‎‎quantum teleportation of information between two electronic circuits‎‎ is something that is ‎‎successfully carried out for the first time‎‎. ‎
‎Source: ‎‎Naftemporiki‎
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