Some tricks you might not know about iPhone

Some tricks you might not know about iPhone
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After 12 years on the market, the iPhone is now perhaps the most popular mobile phone device available. The hacks for its operation are now known to everyone, and even those that the owner does not know exactly are available with a simple search on the internet.

However, every update to its software brings new, small or bigger, tricks that can often be “hidden”.

Here are some of the most featured Easter eggs in iOS 13.

Send spam calls to voicemail

You’ll probably be annoyed by the dozens of companies calling you for “a single offer for a cheaper power / TV package” and so on. You can send all these unknown calls directly to voicemail, as long as the number you are calling is not in your contacts list.

All you have to do:

> Settings.

> Telephone.

> Turn on “Mute unknown callers” function.

Dark mode, only at night

Dark mode fans were certainly satisfied with customizing the feature through iOS 13, which allows it to be automatically activated -at predefined times- and also automatically disabled.

What to do:

> Settings.

> Display and brightness.

> Automatic.

> Options.

> Custom program.

Write faster, with one hand

Sliding style keyboards have always been popular on various devices. A few months ago, Apple allowed users to install such keyboards (e.g. Gboard) on iPhone. Now there’s “QuickPath”, available through iOS 13.

How to enable this feature:

> Settings.

> General.

> Keyboard.

> Turn on the “One-Handed Keyboard” or “Slide to type”.

Automatic closure of browser tabs

This trick is something that can only be applied to Safari:

> Open Safari.

> Select Close tabs.

> You select the time period during which the tabs will be closed.

Live radio via Siri

Through iOS 13, you can ask Siri to play your favorite radio stations.

What you have to do:

> Activate Siri via power button or “Hey, Siri” command.

> Say “Siri, play the – and the name of the station”.

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