‎Smartphones in which WhatsApp will not work in 2020‎

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WhatsApp will stop working on some specific mobile devices‎‎, just as it has happened in the past with other platforms and smartphones.

As of ‎‎February 1, 2020‎‎ , the ‎‎application will not be supported by the operating systems IOS 8 and Android 2.3.7, or older versions of them.‎

The messaging service will only be supported by Apple devices running on iOS 9, or all others that do the same with Android OS 4.0.3.

Of course, ‎‎there will be no problem whatsoever with all the later versions, as one can easily perceive.

WhatsApp Inc. -the responsible section of Facebook that it‎‎ now belongs to- has ‎‎announced that due to the termination of the app, some other features or apps associated with it may be affected after december 31, 2019‎‎.

This is not the first time this has happened, as‎‎ WhatsApp has ceased to be supported by iPhones with IOS 7 in January 2019 and a little earlier, in December 2017, was disabled on Nokia S40 and S60, and on BlackBerries OS and 10.‎

Anyone who has ‎‎doubts about whether the phone’s operating system supports the application‎‎, can refer to the ‎‎device’s settings screen and check it‎‎ out, or simply ‎‎make the necessary upgrades if they are certainly available for their mobile phone.‎‎ ‎

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