Smart headphones with Google’s signature

© Smart headphones with Google’s signature

‎”Google Pixel Buds”‎‎ brings the convenience of ‎‎”Google Assistant”‎‎ directly to your ears‎‎, ‎‎without‎‎ the need to use ‎‎wires‎‎. ‎

The “Google Pixel Buds” fit easily to all ears, and their design allows them to stay firmly in place, without having to worry about the owner losing them even if they have time to listen to music during their intense workout training.

One of the key features of the “Google Pixel Buds” technological equipment is the “Adaptive Sound” element, which promises a high sound experience but also adjusts the sound according to external noise. There is no need to amplify the volume of music when moving from the quiet environment of his home to the bustling city.

At the same time, they can function as “hands free” for the phone again by automatically adjusting the volume of the call, depending on the external environment. Inside they have a voice accelerometer, which detects speech through jaw vibrations as you speak so that your interlocutor can hear you even in high wind conditions.

Comfortable connectivity via “Bluetooth” to the “smartphone” even if it is away from the headset, and with one touch on either of the two headphones, you can answer a call or command the volume down.

Undoubtedly, “Google Pixel Buds” are also distinguished for the fact that they work with “Google Assistant”, in its updated and more advanced form, offering the possibility of voice commands of all kinds.

They offer 5-hour stand-alone charging and 24-hour stand-alone wireless charging, priced at US $ 179. Their sale there is scheduled for next year.
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