Robotic news-reporter from the Chinese Xinhua agency

© Robotic TV news caster from Xinhua

China’s state-run Xinhua news agency used on Sunday an anthropomorphic robotic TV news reporter who imitates the expressions of the human face to present a story about the arrival of delegates at an annual parliamentary meeting in Beijing. 

 As Reuters reports, the artificial intelligence robot, called “Sin Shiomang”, had short hair and wore pink blouse and earrings while presenting a one-minute video from Xinhua. Based on a true Xinhua presenter, Ku Meng, and developed by Xinhua and Sogou Inc. 

 The Chinese agency had shown two artists who were dressed in men’s clothes in November last year at the World Internet Conference in Yuzhen. 

 More generally, China is making great efforts to progress in the field of artificial intelligence across a wide range of applications, from tracking equipment to stand-alone vehicles.
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