Online shopping is good, but it should definitely be done safely

Online shopping is good, but it should definitely be done safely
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Visa offers a number of useful tips for all those who choose e-commerce during quarantine.

Online shopping is the norm in the months when the country’s population stays at home, so it is advisable to follow some simple but basic safety rules, according to Visa.

Now, even the supply of a household with basic goods can be done through e-commerce, which makes even more urgent the need to comply with security principles in online transactions.

Visa therefore proposes 7 important measures that we can take for secure online transactions.

The first of these is about confirming the identity of every consumer, who can define methods such as fingerprint recognition, or face recognition on mobile and banking applications, for fast, easy and secure online transactions.

Another element that all consumers should pay attention to is the critical “s”, since when shopping online, the URL should start with “https://”. The “s” at the end indicates that the connection is secure.

The third step is to register with the bank’s messaging service to receive a mobile notification of each transaction. It is possible to refund if a third party uses the card illegally.

The “dispute” procedure allows the buyer’s bank to request from the seller’s bank the amount of purchase of goods or services which was paid with a Visa debit or credit card, but never received.

big risk on the internet is “phishing”, as it is called, which is done by sending unknown or suspicious emails, or even phone calls requesting personal information, or account information. All users should be careful enough to open these hyperlinks.

On the other hand, Visa recommends that everyone take advantage of the services with “one click”, where purchases are made in a very simple way, without having to enter the card details every time.

Finally, what all experts suggest is that all owners of electronic devices to make sure that the software of these devices is updated to the latest and most secure versions.

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