Netflix adds a new feature to the app

Netflix adds a new feature to the app
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It’s not uncommon to search Netflix for something to watch and spend time without being able to easily end up somewhere. Sometimes the wide variety can work negatively.

If you’ve had problems with what to watch on Netflix so far, the network has prepared a new button.

Those responsible realized the problem of endless searching and dealt with it with this new function.

The new feature is called “Shuffle Play” and is currently available on “smart” TVs that have the Netflix app installed.

More specifically, pressing the button will randomly start a movie or TV series that corresponds to the user’s suggestions, or is similar to the titles he has watched in the past.

The “Shuffle Play” button will be located either on the subscriber’s profile home screen or on the TV’s menu sidebar.

Netflix adds a new feature to the app

A Netflix spokesperson told “Variety” that:

“the purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch.”

To be perfectly honest, we hope Netflix’s algorithm achieves the “right” title, since subscribers will soon get tired of starting to play something they don’t like.

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