Microsoft: Tries to add ad blocker to Edge for iOS and Android

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Microsoft is reportedly trying to add Adblock Plus to the mobile versions of the Edge browser, iOS and Android.

As the The Verge website reveals, Microsoft has already embarked on the blocking of ads in Edge beta editions for Android and iOS. At the same time, Adblock Plus has become known to be available soon on a much broader basis, that is, for all Edge users, always on Android and iOS. Activation of the feature will take place through Edge settings and will not require separate download and installation on the device.

According to data from the Google Play Store, Microsoft Edge for Android has now reached five million “installations”. By comparison, Firefox has reached 100 million while Chrome is the dominant mobile browsers market with a billion “installations” on Android operating system. The Edge browser in the iOS operating system is still unknown.

It is worth noting that Google has already launched its own ad blocking feature for Chrome for Android, without being so “aggressive” as Adblock Plus, with the result that most ads remain unaffected and appear as normal.

Mozilla for Android also features built-in ad blocking, but with activation restrictions, and Samsung offers Android users the option to install Adblock extensions for their own browser.



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