Microsoft Teams monitors are designed to facilitate teleworking

Microsoft Teams monitors are designed to facilitate teleworking

In addition to software upgrades, Microsoft also offers the right hardware for those who work from home. 

At a time when teleworking is timelier than ever, the “Microsoft Teams” ecosystem is offering even more options to every professional and beyond.

“Microsoft Teams” monitors are small, portable displays with a built-in high-performance microphone, speakers, and cameras so you can comfortably complete video conferencing with your partners. 

The display is touch-screen, so that the holder can handle all the individual functions without having to connect peripherals, while digital assistants can connect with voice commands. Built-in the hardware are all the options offered by “Microsoft Teams”, as a real-time online collaboration platform.

useful feature is the ability to share the screen from the connected laptop with “Microsoft Teams” monitors, as well as the direct handling of all features with voice commands in “Cortana”.

The whole operating framework seeks to bring convenience to the professional everyday life, so that one can focus solely on one’s work, without unnecessary distractions, due to technical difficulties. 

These monitors can be used to plan the everyday work of each professional, as they offer the ability to view the calendar and the schedule of tasks that must be completed at a given time.

It is worth noting that Microsoft emphasizes that the new monitors it presents for this purpose offer a high level of security for corporate users, who are concerned about this issue at a time when teleworking is the norm, even for those who work in high-responsibility positions.
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