Microsoft reduces the use of passwords with the latest update

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It may be exaggerated to say that Microsoft with the May update leaves the passwords behind, but it makes great strides in that direction.

Microsoft has already given Windows 10 users the ability to identify with the “Microsoft Authenticator app”, which can establish the link between a Microsoft Account and a phone number.

At the same time, it is possible to use “Windows Hello” for the sign-in process in web applications as well as for the process of revoking the PIN in “Windows Hello”.

With the new Windows 10 upgrade package, code number 1903, the authentication process becomes even easier as the codes are not completely abandoned, but they can be replaced by a user’s phone number or another item a user may remember most easily.

The process to do this is very easy, since all you have to do is select the “Settings” field on your upgraded Windows 10 computer and from there choose the alternative way to connect to your account.

© Provided by P.ATHANASIADES & Co. SA

With the same function, it is possible to add family members to a Windows account. Each family member simply uses an email or phone number that can easily remember it as an identification.

Another element that Microsoft brings with the new update in Windows 10 is the “WebAuthentication” template support for web sites using biometric devices.

The Windows 10 1903 update version has been officially certified as “FIDO2 authenticator”, which is a necessary element for completing such processes. With the same logic, Microsoft has created even more simplified procedures for those who forget their password in “Windows Hello.

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