Microsoft prepares to launch Outlook Spaces platform

Microsoft prepares to launch Outlook Spaces platform
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The so far known as Microsoft ‘Project Mocca’ changes its name and is ready for release on the Internet as ‘Outlook Spaces’.

This tool will initially be available to users of the “Outlook for the Web” service and later to a wider audience. The leaks for its name have proven to be true, for the productivity tool, which will be a unified platform, in which one can have his to-do lists, his notes, along with his contacts, his electronic correspondence and all reminders.

The ultimate goal here is to make the everyday life of a professional simpler and more organized, with the necessary information gathered in one place.

It seems that this is the requirement in the era of the corona virus, where a not insignificant number of employees choose teleworking and such a tool will help them cope with the complexity of daily work, even from home.

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Users can create their own “Spaces”, places in which they can integrate their different obligations or collaborations and in there add all kinds of information to help them perform their tasks faster. Microsoft offers a number of interesting templates on which users of each “Space” can rely.

By the time these lines were written, as “ZD Net” states in a related article, no official update had come from Microsoft regarding the timetable to be followed for the launch of this platform to the online public, but from many sources it is assumed that very soon this tool will be ready, probably as a free addition to service accounts such as “Office 365”.


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