Microsoft opens its cards for upcoming Windows 10X

Microsoft opens its cards for upcoming Windows 10X

As already known, Microsoft is preparing to launch Windows 10X, first on single-screen devices and later on dual-screen devices. 

What has become known so far is that Windows 10X will be available from spring 2021 on devices with the single screen, while starting in spring 2022 one will be able to take advantage of all the virtues of the new operating system on dual-screen devices.

The code name of this operating system has a Greek aroma, as it is accompanied by the words “Lite” and “Santorini”  

The information that “ZDNet” conveys is about initial targeting in the business world with the launch of Windows 10X on single-screen devices, such as mobiles and tablets, followed later by dual-screen implementations, which indicates that there is a corresponding interest from manufacturers to present a similar proposal with a Windows operating system. 

Most estimates are that the first version of Windows 10X will not support apps built into Win32, but will be able to fully support the functionality of “Universal Windows Platform” applications and other “web” applications. Win32 apps are estimated to be able to run on Windows 10X with the help of a “cloud” service that Microsoft is expected to introduce soon. 

In any case, in addition to developments with Windows 10X, Microsoft is also preparing upgrade packages for Windows 10, which will become available from autumn 2020 and follow the company’s usual practice of improvements to its sufficiently successful desktop operating system.
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