Microsoft brings Skype to digital assistant Alexa

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It only took a few days since the launch of Amazon ‘s new “Alexa” devices and Microsoft has rushed to announce the full integration of “Skype” into them.

More specifically, according to a company blogpost, it became known that the “Skype” application will be available for Amazon products with built-in “Alexa” Digital Assistant for making voice calls and video calls.

Obviously, the integration of Skype will be entirely voice-based, that is, the user will tell “Alexa” the person’s name and then the conversation will be handled.

According to the Microsoft blogpost, the owners of compatible devices can activate the application with expressions like «Alexa, call xxx on Skype»In the same way, “Skype” users will be able to receive calls through devices with “Alexa” built in and answer with the “Alexa, answer” command.

It should be remembered that “Amazon” announced last week a variety of new and upgraded appliances. Among them is the “Echo Show” incorporating a 10-inch, high-resolution display. Obviously, this particular device will allow Skype to make video calls.



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