Instagram messages merge with Facebook’s

Instagram messages merge with Facebook's
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Facebook Messenger and Instagram merged, 18 months after Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, announced his intention to “marry” the two platforms.

Instagram’s old messaging service, “Instagram Direct”, has been replaced by “Messenger”, allowing users to send chats, photos and videos between the two platforms for the first time.

It is the first step towards a goal announced in March 2019 to merge not only these two platforms, but also to integrate “WhatsApp” and enable “end to end” encryption for all messages sent between the three applications.

“We combine the Messenger and Instagram experience to offer some of messenger’s best features on Instagram,”

Adam Mosseri and Stan Chudnovsky, the heads of Instagram and Messenger respectively, said in a statement.

“Instagram users can decide whether to immediately update this new experience.”

Integrating the two apps requires user consent to allow accounts to merge, so Facebook offers new features as bait to encourage “marriage”.

If they accept the update, users will be able to send “selfie stickers”, watch videos on Instagram with friends during video calls, and send “disappearing messages”.

Facebook says the new features will be released immediately in “some countries” and “soon worldwide.”

With information from “Guardian”.

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