‎Instagram likes won’t appear in public view‎

‎Instagram likes won't appear in public view‎
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If a friend does “like” on your post, but no one else can see it except you, does all this have any value?

In a very short time from now, a work case will come true: ‎‎Instagram will stop publicly displaying the likes of a post.‎

It is a test, but if proven successful, it is very likely to lead the popular social medium to its next day.

Users initially believed that all this Instagram mobility has to do with trying to limit the power of influencers. But everything points in a different direction: The ‎‎main thing is to stop comparing ourselves with others around us, to a daily online competition that is more likely to cost us psychologically than to cheer us up.‎

Users will be able to do “like” on posts, see how many “likes” they have gathered in their posts and to comment.

But what exactly are the ‎‎changes to Instagram‎‎? ‎‎Users will be able to do “like” on posts, to see how many “likes” they have collected on their posts and to leave comments.‎‎ What they ‎‎can’t do or check, is how many likes other users have collected.‎‎ This ‎‎option will only remain in corporate accounts so that businesses can check the ‎‎”power”‎‎ of the influencers they will hire to advertise their brand.‎

“Heads up! We’ve been testing making likes private on Instagram in a number of countries this year. We’re expanding those tests to include a small portion of people in the US next week. Looking forward to the feedback!”

— Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) November 9, 2019

‎This change (already in place in several countries) was announced last Friday by ‎‎Adam Mosseri, general manager of Instagram,‎‎ who pointed out that the informal popularity contest was something that even confused the medium. After all, most researchers thwart the culture of likes: according to a survey by the ‎‎University of Chicago held in 2017, about 15% of teenagers say they feel terrible pressure to ‎‎”perform well”‎‎ in social media.‎

‎But the big question is whether, ultimately, the negative effects of ‎‎Instagram‎‎ can be limited simply by hiding social medium from public view the number of ‎‎likes‎‎. So far the views divided, since there are not a few celebrities who left the medium after fierce hate attacks by ‎‎trolls‎‎ and ‎‎haters‎‎. The comments remain as they are, and there may be an even deeper pathogenicity which, however, is difficult to contain. ‎‎Internet toxicity is very difficult to disappear with a single change.‎

We’re currently running a test that hides the total number of likes and video views for some people in the following countries:

? Australia

? Brazil

? Canada

? Ireland

? Italy

? Japan

? New Zealand pic.twitter.com/2OdzpIUBka

— Instagram (@instagram) July 17, 2019

‎Besides, if someone wants to ‎‎advertise his popularity, he can simply make a story saying he picked up this number of “likes” with that photo.‎

‎So things are becoming more difficult; Although the truth is that perhaps this move is a good first step.‎

‎Has ‎‎Instagram‎‎ found the solution to all of its problems? No one can say for sure yet what will happen. But in a short time, the truth will probably shine. ‎



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