Instagram: Advertising Agency Stored User Stories – Facebook’s ‘Answer’

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Facebook is almost coming back to face a Cambridge Analytica-sized scandal, as an advertising agency has infiltrated the personal data of millions of users.

The company-colossus blocked the Hyp3r ad following a revealing report by Business Insider, which said the company violated Instagram’s Terms of Use, collecting significant amounts of data from millions of users.

Business Insider had made it clear that Hyp3r was able to exploit an Instagram security loophole to collect millions of posting location information, while violating the Terms of Use by storing “stories”, “bios” and “followers” from users with public profiles. However, according to the same medium, advertising did not exploit private data.

Facebook’s regulation prohibits the collection of user data, even those that are publicly available, without their explicit consent.

Although Hyp3r publicly praised the social networking platform for the changes it made following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it was also developing a system to bypass these new restrictions and gain access to the data.

Facebook, for its part, has rectified the security gap and is expected to tighten up the process to gain access to location data. Note, however, that Hyp3r was until recently among its closed circle of affiliates.
Source: CNN-Greece
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