Huawei’s ‘counterattack’ on Android: Its operating system, Harmony, comes to its mobiles

Huawei's 'counterattack' on Android: Its operating system, Harmony, comes to its mobiles

Huawei has announced plans to preinstall its operating system, “Harmony”, on its smartphones from next year; with the Chinese company also saying it will offer the software to other manufacturers for use as an alternative to Google’s “Android.”  

Huawei is in second place in the world ranking in terms of phone sales, after a short “term” in the first place. However, according to the BBC, others have tried in the past to challenge the dominance of Google and Apple, without success.

Android” phones accounted for 85.4% of all smartphones made available last year, according to “IDC”, with Apple’s “iOS” having 14.6%.  These percentages show the extent of the dominance of the two companies’ operating systems in mobile phones, which Samsung tried to challenge with “Tizen”, Amazon with “FireOS”, Microsoft with “Windows Phone” and Canonical with “Ubuntu”.

Huawei’s move is due to the fact that it cannot provide popular Google apps and services on its newer devices due to a ban by the US government.

Within China where users do not use Google Play and many Google services are blocked– these restrictions have not caused problems for the company, but this is changing in other countries, where demand for its newer devices has fallen due to the absence of Google’s apps and services. 

Huawei announced its plans at the start of a three-day developers conference near Shenzhen. The first version of “Harmony OS” was unveiled a year ago, when it was unveiled for use on smartwatches, TVs and other devices for “smart” homes. 

However, the company now plans to release a new version, Harmony OS 2.0, which could be tested on devices from December, in view of the official launch in October 2021. 

At the same time, “EMUI 11” –a version of its mobile user interface based on “Android 11”— is expected to be released soon.

After October some of its models will be offered with “Harmony OS”, however it will continue to offer “EMUI” as an alternative. 

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